CoolBrands International, the Canadian food and beverage company, has made a strategic move by entering an agreement with Binney & Smith, which is the creator of the much-loved Crayola brand of art supplies.

This agreement will see CoolBrands license the Crayola brand for use in the frozen dessert category in Canada. This means that soon, we`ll have ice creams, popsicles, and other frozen treats that will feature the iconic Crayola logo and colors.

For CoolBrands, this deal is a major win as it will help them to expand their product offerings and appeal to a wider audience. By leveraging the popularity of the Crayola brand, they can tap into a market of parents and kids who are looking for fun and innovative frozen treats.

Binney & Smith, on the other hand, benefits from this agreement in multiple ways. Not only does it provide them with a new revenue stream, but it also helps to keep the Crayola brand relevant and top-of-mind among consumers.

From an SEO perspective, this news is significant for two reasons. Firstly, it provides an opportunity for CoolBrands to optimize their website and content for keywords related to Crayola and frozen desserts. This helps them to appear in search results when people are looking for these products.

Secondly, it generates fresh content and backlinks for both CoolBrands and Binney & Smith. News articles and blog posts covering this deal will mention both companies and provide links back to their respective websites, which can help to boost their SEO rankings.

In conclusion, CoolBrands International`s agreement with Binney & Smith is a strategic move that benefits both companies. It will be interesting to see what new frozen dessert products they come up with and how they will leverage the Crayola brand to appeal to consumers. From an SEO perspective, this news provides opportunities for both companies to optimize their content and generate backlinks.